Data Processing Addendum

MediaFire respects your privacy and collects, uses, and processes minimal data. We are not in the data mining and sales business, nor have we ever been in this business.


This MediaFire Data Processing Addendum (“DPA”) is an extension of our Privacy Policy, and as such an extension of the "Agreement". Your continued use of the website and any associated services, the "Services", indicates your acceptance of the Agreement including this DPA. We will notify you directly and require your acceptance of any significant changes to this DPA.

MediaFire collects and processes data internally, and on external platforms, only as required to enable the Services, including security, billing, and performance analysis. MediaFire's advertising and advertising partners may collect data independent of MediaFire and in accordance with industry standards to enable the advertising. MediaFire also uses 3rd party services for general analytical purposes such as Google Analytics and Bugsnag. These services collect data independent of MediaFire, however, we do not partner with any analytics, performance, debugging or analysis services that sell user data. MediaFire does not sell any collected data.

3rd Party Data

MediaFire may receive user data from third parties, including Facebook, Twitter, or other service providers used to enable sharing, login, or other features of the Services as users may opt into. MediaFire does not share this data with any 3rd parties, and ONLY uses this data to enable the specific feature the user has opt-ed into, such as Facebook Login.


If you have any concerns about our processing of user data, please contact us at rivacypay@ediafiremay.omcay