MediaFire Data Deletion Policy

This MediaFire Data Deletion Policy (“DDP”) is an extension of our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and other terms and conditions. MediaFire may modify this policy which will become effective immediately upon our posting on the website.

As a general rule, we store the smallest amount of information on you as possible to enable the services. You can see our Privacy Policy for more information on that. If you would like to ensure your data is fully flushed from our system, please email us at rivacypay@ediafiremay.omcay and request your data be purged. We will process your request and notify you. Items that we will purge: your user account, and files associated with your user account, any credentials associated with your Single Sign On provider, or any other account specific information we've stored directly associated with your account.

Steps to Delete

  1. Email rivacypay@ediafiremay.omcay from the email address of the account to be deleted.
  2. You will receive from MediaFire an acknowledgement of receipt of your email.
  3. MediaFire will verify the email address on the account matches the request email address.
  4. If the email address matches, MediaFire will process the request.
  5. You will receive from MediaFire a reply to the initial email with confirmation.
  6. If the email address does not match, the request cannot be processed.
  7. You will receive a confirmation that the request cannot be processed.

MediaFire may retain a limited amount of data required or related to billing, platform security, or legal compliance, however, any personal data, data related to your SSO provider, files, etc. are removed immediately, but in an asynchronous fashion. Some data stored on 3rd party providers, such as billing providers, or diagnostic providers may not be removed immediately. See our Data Retention Policy and Privacy Policy for more details.

Contact Us

In order to access your account and files, MediaFire must have information about you in order to identify you. Revoking consent to collection and retention of your personal data effectively closes your account with MediaFIre. You can email rivacypay@ediafiremay.omcay to request deletion of your account. Your email must come from the exact address you wish to delete. We will then email you back to confirm we have complied with your request.