Advertising Specifications

MediaFire supports a variety of advertising technologies and standards. The specifications below will help you identify the available opportunities. For questions not resolved here, please contact an advertising representative.

Supported Sizes
Ad Unit Size (pixels)
Up to full screen


  • All placements are Above the Fold.
  • Ad units must have a linking URL that resolves to an active page.
  • Rich Media ads in HTML, Javascript, iFrame, and flash are accepted.
  • GIF / JPG backup image to be served for browsers not supporting rich media.
  • Expandable ads are accepted, but must be user initiated:
    • via rollover with a delay and must collapse on rolloff; or
    • via click
  • Animations and videos can be up to 30 seconds long and 24 fps max.

Ad Quality: Content Restrictions

All ads must be in line with our Terms of Service and United States Law including the following restrictions:

  • No adult content
  • No hate speech
  • No shaky or flashy ads
  • No malware/adware/spyware
  • No deceptive offers
  • No "download" or "play now" button representations
  • No resemblance to system warnings / windows boxes / fake "close" buttons
  • No disabling of the back button aka "mouse trapping"
  • No automatically triggered downloads
  • All audio must be muted at start and user-initiated only on click with clear volume controls

MediaFire reserves the right to approve or deny all creative material in its sole discretion, including the right to re-evaluate previously approved materials at any time.